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Eggs from pastured chickens, in a rainbow of colors.

Fresh eggs in assorted colors, $6.75/dozen for large, $5.75/doz for medium, and $4.75/doz for small.  Nobody does eggs like Whitmore Farm.  Try them and you'll never go back . . .

Please note, we do not use artificial lighting to force winter egg production.  As a result, our eggs are a seasonal product available during the spring, summer and early fall.  Our girls give so much all year long, we give them the winter off as nature intended.  Your understanding is much appreciated. 
Fresh Farm Eggs

From Chef Andrew Little - Josephine in Nashville

Eggs are a very important building block in cooking. We are very lucky to get our eggs from my good friend Will at Whitmore Farm. These eggs are in a word INCREDIBLE!!! The kind of eggs that people write about (people like me, coincidentally). Perfect, almost orange yolks, whites so fresh that they stand up in the pan. Just amazing. Will's birds are out pecking on grass and bugs all day and we love them for that! I gotta tell you the quality of our fresh pasta, gnocchi and ice creams has gone through the roof and all of it can be attributed to Will's eggs. How's that for a magic wand? So, the moral of the story is to really take your time trying to find the very best ingredients you can. You'll love the result!!


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