Farm History

Carrie Baumgartner Dern and husband

Benjamin Whitmore and his family ventured into the Monocacy Valley in the 1760's after heading west from Lancaster County, PA. Like many German immigrants of the time, he left the turmoil of the Palatine region of the Rhine River and headed to Lancaster, an area already settled by generations of Germanic immigrants.  Unfortunately, Lancaster was already fully settled and new immigrants began heading west on the Canestoga Trail looking for opportunity and available land.
The original Whitmore homestead was built of chestnut, hand-hewn logs felled on the property and over the years was remodeled and added on to.
The rear wing of the house, built of local stone, was added on in the early 1800’s.  The Whitmore family successfully farmed this land for many years. We chose to name the farm in honor of the family who originally cleared the land and built it.
Sadly, the property entered a period of decline after it was no longer being farmed sometime in late 1970’s. The summer kitchen and adjacent spring house burned down and are currently in ruin alongside the main house. Weeds and trees began taking over the property and the barn was neglected.
We purchased the farm in November, 2003. The reconstruction of the house took place over a 2 year period, and continues to this day. In the Fall of 2005, the house was finally habitable, we moved in and began focusing on the barn, pasture renovation, fencing, and acquiring our breeding stock.
For more information about the Whitmore Family Farms and Close properties, visit the Emmitsburg Area Historical Society Archives.

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