Staff Members
Kent Ozkum (Head shepherd and pig herder)

I manage the hogs and sheep on the farm. Please feel free to email with any questions - I'll do my best to answer.

Will Morrow (Farm Manager and head of poultry program)

I work full-time on the farm and manage our poultry operation. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Joe Bolin (Crew Leader)

My background is in horticulture.  I graduated from Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  I've worked in a number of greenhouses, mostly with ornamentals.  I also owned my own florist.  I know my plants!  Email me if you want any quail or ducks!

Bethany Baker (Apprentice)

I'm from Maryland most recently.  I went to college in NY and worked on a sheep farm in New Zealand.  I came to Whitmore Farm to deepen my knowledge on how to run a successful farm business.  I hope to farm my family's farm in NY one day.

Jason Webster (Intern)

I am from Maryland.  I came to Whitmore Farm for an internship to learn about sustainable food production.  I'm passionate about permaculture.

Lauren Krukiel (Apprentice)

I recently graduated with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Kentucky!  Most of my farm experience to date has been with organic vegetable production.  I came to Whitmore Farm to learn about sustainable livestock production and how to manage a diversified farm operation.  I hope to have my own silvopasture farm in the future.

Robert Masusock (Apprentice)

Hi, I am from Quakertown, PA.  Owning a farm is a dream of mine.  I came to Whitmore Farm to gain experience on the daily operations of running a farm.  I am inspired by Ghandi's quote: "the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated".  I want to be on a farm where the animals roam free and proper care for the environment and soil are stressed.

Rose Woodsmall (Fiber Arts Director)

I work part time at Whitmore Farm and manage the fiber division.  I spin and knit clothing and accessories.  I also assign names to my favorite chickens.  That's my handwriting on those eggs!  Let me know if you would like to have a chicken named after you. 

In addition, I am head of quality control.  Hope to see you at the farmer's markets!

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