lawn levelling rake – Which is the best one

You’ll agree with me that a perfectly levelled lawn is always beautiful to look at, which is always as a result of hours put in on the lawn by the owner. Gardening your lawn can also be a beautiful experience, especially if you use the perfect gardening tools on it.

You can easily level the grass on your lawn by using the right equipment on your lawn. These lawn levelling rakes will enable you to effectively level every single area covered with grass on your lawn. This is because they come with features that make them the best in the market. One advantage about having a properly levelled lawn is that your garden will always allow water to flow freely which will be absorbed with the soil enabling your grass to grow healthily throughout.

Yard Tuff YTF 218DM Drag Mop – It’s the most user- friendly

It is always very essential to have a levelling rake that is user-friendly especially if it is the first time you are actually using it on your lawn. The Yard Tuff 218DM drag mop is very easy to use as it comes with a very simple design that enables you to level all the soil on your lawn without experiencing any difficulty. Unfortunately, it does not have a clamp that holds the handle and rake together therefore the handle tends to fall of quite easily.


  • Measures 24 x 18 x 66 inches.
  • Adjustable aluminium handle.
  • Steel head and brace.

This levelling rake measures 24 x 18inches and a handle that measures 66 inches. At first I actually thought that this handle was pretty long for just a levelling rake but it does have reason behind it. This handle is actually made out of aluminium that is adjustable therefore you can easily adjust it to fit your most preferred height so that you can comfortably level the grass on your lawn. In addition to this, its material is very light weight which enables you to carry it easily from one point of your lawn to another with utmost ease unlike other levelling rakes in the market that are actually pretty heavy. Another feature that is of use on this drag mop is that you can actually tow it to a lawn tractor and pull it across your lawn and it will still level your lawn effectively. The head and brace of the Yard Tuff 218DM drag mop are both made up of steel which is very durable therefore it doesn’t break easily and guarantees you long service life.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Offers you long service life.
  • It is durable.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Handle falls easily.


The Yard Tuff 218DM drag mop is considered among the best lawn levelling rakes in the market because it is very user- friendly, and also comes with an adjustable handle that enables you to level your lawn comfortably throughout.

Midwest 10036 Aluminium levelling rake– It is the most durable

Have you ever been in a situation where you frequently replace your lawn levelling rakes because they easily break? Well, the Midwest 10036 Aluminium rake might just be the solution to your problem. This lawn mower is very durable to use due to its impressive build design. However, it is a bit difficult to assemble it as the assembly holes are not perfectly aligned.


  • Measures 44 x 4 x 66 inches.
  • Aluminium plug connector.
  • 6 inch vinyl grip.
  • Steel handle with aluminium powder coating.

This lawn levelling rake comes with long teeth that are rounded and not sharp, which allows you to level each and every section of your lawn effectively without it violently creating holes on your lawn. Without a doubt this ensures tidiness throughout even when you are levelling the grass on your lawn. In addition to this, it also comes with a striking edge which provides you the necessary pushing action throughout which is great for lawn grading. The Midwest 10036 Aluminium rake measures 46 x 4 inches with a handle that measures 66 inches. Durability is definitely one of the key factors that was in mind when this rake was being designed, as its handle is made up of steel and coated with aluminium powder which is a strong material that won’t break easily allowing you to use it for a very long time reliably.

It also has a 6 inch vinyl grip on the handle which enables you to level your lawn comfortably without your hands getting any blisters. The head of the rake is made up of a heavy duty double rib material which improves the control and stability of this rake every time you use it on your lawn. Another feature that we can’t afford to miss out is the connecting aluminium plug, as the head and handle of this rake are connected through this aluminium plug that is strong and very reliable therefore the handle doesn’t fall off the head frequently.


  • It is very durable.
  • Great build structure.
  • It is gentle on the lawn.
  • Available in multiple sizes.


  • Assembly holes are not properly aligned.


This is the perfect lawn levelling rake if you value a rake that guarantees you great durability. This is because the whole build structure of this rake is made up of strong materials that are not easily damaged and will offer you a long service life.

Rocklin Industry Levelawn tool – It covers wider surface areas effectively

Levelling your lawn sounds like a really easy task but it can also be really time consuming especially if you are using a lawn levelling rake that has a small surface area. The good news is that this lawn levelling rake has a large ground plate which allows you to level a larger surface area on your lawn per every pull. The only drawback with this tool is that it requires practice before you understand how to use it properly.


  • Measures 48 x 10 x 78 inches.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Adjustable and removable handle.
  • Large ground plate.

The ground plate of this lawn levelling tool measures 48 x 10 inches which is the ideal size for anyone using it as it provides you with great mobility every single time you step out to level your lawn. This is not all, as the Rocklin industry levelling tool also comes with an adjustable handle that measures 78 inches that allows you to easily control the ground plate which helps you cover a wider surface area using less effort. In addition to this, you can also remove the top handle and remain with the shorter handle that measures 50 inches long depending on your preference.

Among the positives that come with this lawn levelling rake is that it functions effectively on all types of grass i.e. Bermuda and Fescue among others making it suitable for all types of lawns. This lawn levelling rake is made up of stainless steel which prevents it from rusting, therefore you are guaranteed long service life from this tool. It is pretty good to have a tool that lasts long for your garden duties as it will help you save on replacement costs that you would have incurred with a sub- standard lawn levelling rake.


  • Covers a wide surface area.
  • It works effectively on all types of grass.
  • It doesn’t corrode easily.
  • Long service life.


  • Requires practice before you understand how to use it effectively.


Buying this lawn levelling tool will be a very good idea because it enables you to level a large surface area of your lawn at a go which helps you save on time used to level the lawn. You won’t be getting tired whenever you go level the grass on your lawn because you will always be completing the work much faster as compared to using a small levelling rake.

Variable Action Drag chain Harrow – Best levelling rake for very large lawns.

Do you own a relatively large lawn?  Well, the Variable Action chain harrow is a level lawn tool that you tow behind your ATV or lawn tractor and drag it on the grass for it to evenly level your lawn which allows you to level a large lawn quickly without getting fatigued. However, it is costly.


  • Measures 48 x 54 inches.
  • Weight- 60 pounds.
  • 1045 Carbon steel structure.
  • Chain harrow.

This lawn levelling tool is made of carbon steel and a universal drawbar that is not only durable but  also fits well to various tow hooks on lawn tractors which means that you won’t have to worry about its compatibility when buying it. It also comes with a harrow that measures 48 x 54 inches which consists of chains that effectively level the grass on your lawn every single time you head out to your lawn. The Variable Action Drag chain harrow tool is not as heavy as it looks as it only weighs 60 pounds which means that it can easily be pulled by any machine that produces more than 4 HP. In addition to this, this levelling lawn tool is a multi- purpose tool as you can use it for other purposes other than just levelling your lawn i.e. preparing your land before planting different kinds of vegetables ad pasture renovation.


  • It is a multi- purpose tool.
  • Works efficiently on large lawns.
  • It is easy to adjust the tilling actions.
  • It is durable.


  • It is costly.


The Variable Action chain harrow is the best lawn levelling rake for heavy duty tasks, therefore you should definitely consider this levelling tool if you are planning to purchase a lawn levelling rake to level a large lawn frequently.

What to consider when buying a lawn levelling rake.


It is very important to choose a lawn levelling rake that has been made of strong materials such as aluminium or steel as they don’t break easily. Additionally these materials prevent the levelling rake from corroding which enables the rake to offer you long service life. One main benefit about a rake that serves you efficiently for a long time is that you will be able to save on replacement costs that you would incur when using a sub- standard lawn levelling rake.

Size of your lawn

You will definitely be in big trouble if you get a lawn levelling rake that you physically push to level a 3 acre lawn. The good news is that there are different types of lawn levelling rakes in the market today that are suited for various sizes of lawns. You can purchase a “push- behind” levelling rake if you own a small lawn but if you are looking for a levelling rake to use on a large lawn, you’d rather opt for a chain harrow levelling rake that can be towed by a lawn tractor. This is it will enable you to cover a larger surface area on your lawn much faster.

Final thoughts

The lawn levelling rakes that are mentioned here are among the best rakes that will help you achieve the greatest results each time you go out to level your lawn.  Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to consider purchasing one of these lawn levelling rakes, especially if you want to have an awesome gardening experience every single time you level your lawn.

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