Best Lawn Mowers for Half Acre

With a half- acre lawn to mow, you definitely don’t need the largest sized lawn mower in the market. However, you definitely need a more compact lawn mower that will allow easy navigation. 

A half-acre lawn is not very large to be honest, as it is usually pretty narrow and may have a few obstacles. These lawn mowers that we are looking at come with features that offer you great manoeuvrability. Basically, they will enable you to cut the grass on your lawn efficiently without missing even one single spot. Neither obstacles nor tight spaces will stop you from making your lawn look beautiful throughout.

List of best lawn mower for half acre lot

Powerworks MO60L513PW Lawn Mower – It is the quietest lawn mower

Have you ever been woken up in the morning by those really loud lawn mowers that sound like a Honda bike with a leaked exhaust? If not, you’re very lucky to have such peaceful neighbours. However, the Powerworks lawn mower was thoughtfully built as it is really quiet throughout when you are cutting the grass on your lawn. Unfortunately, its battery doesn’t last for too long as it can only last for one hour when you are using it continuously on your lawn.


  • 21 inch cutting deck.
  • 60V motor.
  • 5Ah Lithium- Ion battery.
  • Control lever.

I will definitely begin by pointing out how easy it is to assemble this lawn mower. All you have to do is simply adjust the handle bar then lock it up into position using the lever and voila! You are good to go. Its simple foldable design also allows this lawn mower to consume very little space when you store it allowing you to save up on a lot of storage space which you can use to store other gardening equipment.

This lawn mower also comes with a 21 inch cutting deck that is made of steel which is a very strong material as it is not easily damaged even when it is constantly hit by objects such as stones and twigs that may be on your lawn. In addition to this, the steel material also doesn’t corrode easily which enables the cutting deck to have a longer service life. One very interesting feature about this cutting deck is that it is a 3 in 1 design which means that it can actually perform 3 different functions efficiently. Firstly, the blade cuts the grass evenly with one sweep, then it could also side discharge grass clippings back to the soil. This allows the soil in your lawn to get back its nutrients and help the grass to grow healthily.  Lastly it could also throw the grass clippings into its rear bag which enables you to mow grass while leaving the path behind you very neat and well cut.

This lawn mower is equipped with a 60V motor that is very efficient even when you work on your lawn continuously for quite some time. And guess what? You will spend literally nothing on fuel as this lawn mower doesn’t use gas which allows you save to money that you would have used to buy fuel. The Powerworks Lawn mower also comes with a lever that allows you to easily adjust the height of the lawn mower in either of its 7 different height positions, which enables it to give the grass a perfect cut. A number of “push- behind” lawn mowers are now using batteries and not the old- school gas engines and it’s no different with this lawn mower. It is equipped with a 5Ah Lithium- Ion battery that provides reliable voltage to the motor efficiently allowing you to cut the grass on your lawn for up to one hour non- stop.


  • It is very quiet.
  • The motor is very efficient.
  • Consumes little storage space.
  • Offers a precise cut.


  • Battery doesn’t last for too long.


The Powerworks MO60L513PW lawn mower is a super quiet yet lightweight mower. This allows you to go about your mowing activities without disturbing anyone’s peace which makes it a really good buy.

Greenworks G-Max 40V Lawn Mower – it is a fast charging lawn mower

This is also another battery powered lawn mower which clearly speaks volume on the trend that brands are actually implementing on their lawn mowers. The Greenworks G-Max is among the most efficient battery powered lawn mowers in the market. However, its bag is a bit porous which lets dust pass through when you are mowing your lawn.


  • 17 inch cutting deck.
  • 40V motor.
  • Automatic battery switch over.
  • Smart Cut technology.

When you lay your eyes on this lawn mower, you’ll definitely note that most of it is made up of plastic. However, this should not be something to put you off as this is not ordinary plastic. This is because the plastic is strong and of very high quality which not only makes the body of this lawn mower durable, but also very lightweight. It is pretty easy to lift and turn this lawn mower when you are cutting grass due to its weight. Precision was among the key factors that was considered by Greenworks when they were making this lawn mower, as the deck comes with 5 different height adjustable positions. You simply just pull the lever until your most preferred height according to the length of grass and mow your way to a precise cut. The height of the deck ranges from 1.25 to 3.38 inches. Additionally, the deck measures 17 inches which comes with two blades that work simultaneously allowing you to cut all the grass in your lawn evenly without having to do it a second time. It also comes with a Smart Cut technology that controls the power delivered by the motor depending on the thickness of the grass. This feature enables the lawn mower to cut all types of grass effectively. Pretty cool right?

The Greenworks G-Max lawn mower is powered by a 40V motor which runs efficiently and quietly even when you use it for a couple of hours. To enable this motor to run efficiently, it comes with two batteries, 4Ah and a 2Ah battery that work together providing you with a usage time of up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. To maximise on charge time, this lawn mower consists of an automatic battery switch over. This feature basically makes it use one battery first then when its charge finishes it automatically switches to the next battery.  The handle grip of this lawn mower also consist of foam on it which ensures that your hand is comfortable throughout when you are cutting grass. Gone are the days that you will be nursing blisters at home after every mowing session.


  • Easy to start.
  • Batteries charge very quickly.
  • Smart technology.
  • Efficient motor.


  • Its bag is a bit porous.


If you are really looking for a battery powered lawn mower that charges quickly, this is definitely your go- to mower. The Greenworks G- Max 40V lawn mower also comes with great advanced technology that makes it a good choice to consider.

Ariens Zoom Lawn mower– offers the best manoeuvrability

A half an acre piece of lawn is definitely not the largest lawn so you expect it to be a bit squeezed up. However, this is not a problem to the Ariens Zoom lawn mower as it very compact and delivers great manoeuvrability when you mow grass on your lawn. Unfortunately, you have to buy its baggage and mulch bags separately as it does not come with them.


  • 656cc Briggs & Stratton intek engine.
  • 34 inch cutting deck.
  • Deck wash- out port system.
  • 18 inch seat.

This lawn mower is powered by a twin 656cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that works efficiently every time you head out to your lawn. Ariens brand did themselves and their customers a great deed when they started using these Briggs & Stratton Intek engines. They are not only efficient, but also very durable as they are made of strengthened internals which allow it to serve you for a long time without breaking down frequently.  The Ariens zoom lawn mower comes with a 12 gauge cutting deck that measures 34 inches. It size is enough to enable you to cover a ½ acre lawn pretty quickly and in addition to that its blades deliver an even cut throughout. This deck also consists of a steel piece stamped to it that delivers sufficient airflow in the deck which maximises on its efficiency.

Do you get frustrated when you mow your lawn and keep on going back to some spots where grass is not levelled properly after even cutting? Well, I do, but the good news is that the design of this cutting deck prevents that as the position of the blades give your grass a precise cut 24/7. This also helps you save a lot of time which allows you to carry on with the rest of your daily activities. You can easily adjust the height positions of this cutting deck by using the foot pedal that is attached to this lawn mower. The major benefit of this feature is that it allows you to effectively cut grass on your lawn even when they are all not the same height. For sure, this enhances a well levelled grass lawn that looks neat and tidy after you are done mowing.  Another benefit about this adjustable height feature is that you are able to pass over obstacles that you may encounter on your lawn with ease.

Another feature that makes this lawn mower amongst the most sought after driving mowers is because it comes with an 18 inch seat that has a back rest. It does get tiring sometimes when you frequently mow your lawn standing up. Well, this is not the case with this lawn mower as its seat guarantees you a comfortable ride throughout the time you are mowing your lawn. The Ariens Zoom lawn mower is also equipped with a deck wash- out port system which enables you to stick in a your water hose and clean the blades on the cutting deck easily. Without a doubt, this makes your work much easier when it comes to cleaning this lawn mower after use as you don’t have to tear it apart into different parts in order to clean it.


  • It has a powerful engine.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Its height is easily adjustable.
  • It is comfortable.


  • Doesn’t come with mulching kit and storage bag.


The Ariens Zoom lawn mower is among the best lawn mowers for lawns that measure up to ½ an acre because it offers you great manoeuvrability and compactness which allows you to easily navigate through your lawn when mowing it.

Snapper 2911525 BVE Classic RER lawn mower – It is the most user- friendly gas mower.

Here we look at another gas powered lawn mower which comes with a very user- friendly design. Its simple structure allows even novices to get the hang of it pretty quickly as compared to other lawn mowers. Unfortunately, the Snapper 2911525 BVE Classic lawn mower is not powerful enough to mow yards that are on a steep hill.


  • 344cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine.
  • Ready Start technology.
  • 21 inch cutting deck.
  • Anti- vibration feature.

This lawn mower is equipped with a 344cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that produces a maximum of 11.5HP. One concept that is interesting with this lawn mower is that its engine is positioned on the rear of the mower which gives you more leg space. In addition to this, the engine is an OHV (Overhead Valve) engine which is a good engine concept which ensures maximum reliability. Trust me, you can go in circles with this mower and it just won’t die! You can also easily switch on this engine without choking it as it comes with a Ready Start Technology. If you are not familiar with this technology, it basically enables the lawn mower to turn on efficiently each and every time you start it up. And this is not all, as the engine is also equipped with an anti- vibration feature that suppresses any vibration coming from it which enables you to have a comfortable ride every time you are working on your lawn.

The Snapper 2911525 BVE Classic lawn mower is equipped with a 21 inch cutting deck that has a debris management system. This system prevents objects such as stones or debris from being sucked into the engine when you are mowing grass. In the long run, this preventive measure will prolong the service life of your engine.  Additionally, the Hi- Vac cutting deck has blades that work efficiently and give your lawn an even cut consistently. A rolled deck- edge is also attached which sucks all the grass clippings towards the deck which enhances a precise cut. This not only allows you to cut your lawn evenly but also in a tidy manner. I must appreciate the thoughtfulness that was implemented in the design of this lawn mower as you can actually place it vertically against your wall.  This enables you to save on storage space in your store which you can use to store other gardening equipment. There is more to this, as this lawn mower also has a  disc drive transmission which works efficiently when you cut grass on your lawn and user- friendly controls that are very easy to operate.


  • It is very user friendly.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to start.
  • It is also very comfortable.


  • Doesn’t work well on hilly terrains.


User- friendliness is a very essential factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a suitable lawn mower and this Snapper 2911525 BE lawn mower tops the list. You should definitely have a look at this lawn mower especially if you prefer lawn mowers that are not complicated to use.

Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401C- PRO Lawn Mower – It is environment friendly

It’s always important to take care of our environment. I mean, global warming is almost getting out of hand due to harmful exhaust fumes from different machines but definitely not from this lawn mower. It literally produces 0 harmful fumes which makes it very environment friendly. However, you can’t remove the battery from the lawn mower so you have to take the whole lawn mower close to the electricity socket.


  • 10.6 gallon bag.
  • 14 inch cutting deck.
  • 4Ah lithium- ion battery.
  • Height adjustable mowing deck.

The Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401C- PRO Lawn Mower comes with a 14 inch cutting deck that consists of a steel blade. Yes, the material of the blade does matter with these lawn mowers. Steel is a very strong metal which prevents the blades from getting damaged easily even when they come into contact with stones on your lawn. In addition to this, it doesn’t corrode easily which basically enhances the durability of the blade. . This blade will not only serve you for a very long time, but it also allows you to evenly cut all the grass on your lawn. You can also manually set the height of this cutting deck as you can easily adjust its height from as low as 1.18 inches to as high as 2.52 inches. Well, apart from offering you great ground clearance to push the lawn mower over obstacles in your lawn, it also enables the blade to always get the sweet cutting spot regardless of the height of the grass. This lawn mower is powered by a 28V motor that works very efficiently even when you work on your lawn for a couple of hours.

To be honest, one of the reasons I really love these battery powered lawn mowers is because they are really quiet. The motor gets its power from a 4Ah Lithium- ion battery that provides sufficient power to the motor every time you use it to cut grass on your lawn. Well, the battery doesn’t last as much as gas on a lawn mower as it can only take you up to 25 minutes of mowing time. However, the good news is that you can recharge this battery, then head out to your lawn and continue where you left off. You should also not be worried if you have children at home as this lawn mower comes with a safety plug that needs to be inserted first before you are able to switch it on. Without it, it won’t go on at all so you can be comfortable that your children are safe even when they are playing next to it.


  • It is quiet.
  • Cuts grass evenly.
  • Comes with safety features.
  • Environment- friendly.


  • Battery pack can’t be removed.


The Sun Joe Lawn Mower MJ401C- PRO Lawn Mower is definitely on our list because it is one of the most environment- friendly lawn mowers out there. It is very quiet and also doesn’t produce any fumes that prove to be harmful to the environment.

Makita XML03PT1 Lawn mower – Battery charged mower with the greatest coverage

Have you ever seen a lawn mower that communicates with itself to stay quiet? To be honest, I didn’t until I came across the Makita XML03PT1 lawn mower. The whisper mode communicates with the mower to maintain 2500 RPM throughout enabling it to make minimal noise and also save on charge. Unfortunately, this lawn mower is not suitable to cut wet grass.


  • Kit with (4) 5 Ah batteries.
  • 18 inch steel deck.
  • Dual- Port Rapid Optimum Charger kit.
  • Adjustable handle.

The Makita brand did not compromise on build quality when they were making this lawn mower as it comes with an 18 inch steel deck. It doesn’t use a plastic deck like some of the other battery powered lawn mowers on the market.  This heavy duty steel material enables the cutting deck to withstand being hit by foreign objects without getting damaged easily. Aside from being durable, the blade in the deck also works smoothly and efficiently cuts grass on your lawn throughout leaving your lawn looking beautiful with just one sweep. Just like most advanced lawn mowers of this decade, you can easily adjust the 10 deck height positions of this mower by using its lever. This allows you to cut grass in a levelled manner throughout your lawn. Pretty convenient right? It is also very easy to store this lawn mower as it comes with a foldable handle. This allows you to squeeze the lawn mower even in tight spaces on your store as it consumes very little space when you fold these handles. Additionally, this feature also makes it very easy to transport it from one point to another.

The Makita XML03PT1 lawn mower also comes with 4 5Ah batteries but it only uses two at a go. However, this is not a bad thing as these two batteries enable you to cover up to 7,300 feet before they run out of charge. Its Dual- Port Rapid Optimum charger kit I also a very essential feature that makes this lawn mower stand out. This kit only takes 45 minutes to charge two batteries and after they are charged you just swap them out with the ones in the mower, which means that you can literally mow your lawn the whole day through this cycle. In addition to this, the Makita XML03PT1 lawn mower is also equipped with an adjustable handle that you can easily adjust to your preferable height. Without a doubt this ensures maximum comfort and you won’t have to keep on taking breaks because of back aches.


  • Batteries charge quickly.
  • Has great coverage.
  • It has advanced technology.
  • Comfortable to grip.


  • It doesn’t work well on wet grass.


This is a cool lawn mower! It comes with advanced tech that improves its efficiency every single time you head out to your lawn to cut grass. It is definitely a good lawn mower to purchase because it also offers great coverage for a battery powered push behind lawn mower.

PowerSmart DB2321SR Lawn mower – It is an efficient self- propelled gas lawn mower

Another lawn mower from the Powersmart brand has graced our list and this is because it is one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers in the market. The only downside about this lawn mower is that you can’t adjust its speed.


  • 170cc engine.
  • 21 inch cutting deck.
  • 18 inch rear wheels.
  • 18 gallon bag.

This lawn mower operates on fuel unlike some of its competitors from the same class that are battery charged. The Powersmart DB2321SR is equipped with a 170cc engine that runs efficiently even when you use this lawn mower frequently to mow your lawn. In addition to this, the lawn mower also comes with a 21 inch cutting deck that is made out of steel. For sure, the steel material is very strong and prevents the deck from suffering from any damage that may be caused by foreign objects on your lawn. It also has a very sharp blade that cuts all types of grass efficiently. This is not even all, as this cutting deck consists of 5 different height adjustable positions that you may set to effectively suit the needs of your lawn. Due to this feature, you are enabled to easily adjust the height of this lawn mower which ensures a properly levelled lawn after you are done.

Additionally, this lawn mower comes with a side discharge that returns the grass clippings back to the soil on your lawn which enables it to get back its nutrients. You can also set it to collect all the grass clippings and throw it to the bag which enables you to work on your lawn efficiently and still maintain a clean environment.  Lastly, it can also perform its mulching duties properly.  One of the features that may actually make you consider getting this lawn mower is that it is self- propelled. This basically means that you won’t have push the mower manually whenever you mow your lawn as this feature enables it to move forward buy itself. All you’ll have to do is just guide it through your lawn. The rear 18 inch wheels also simplify your work as it makes it really easy for you to control the lawn mower each time you cut the grass on your lawn.


  • It has a powerful engine.
  • Offers great manoeuvrability.
  • Returns nutrients back to the soil.
  • It is durable.


  • You can’t adjust its speed.


One of the reasons that makes us consider this lawn mower as one of the best lawn mowers is definitely its ability to simplify your work. It is among the best self- propelled lawn mowers in the market making it good value for your buck.

Worx WR140 Lawn mower – It is a fully automated lawn mower

This is a very interesting lawn mower as it comes with the latest tech that this industry can offer up to date as it is a robotic lawn mower. Yes! I said “robotic” so don’t feel like I made a typo. The Worx WR140 lawn mower is a fully automated mower but unfortunately it is not suitable to cut wet grass.


  • Anti- collision system.
  • WORX Power share.
  • AIA technology.
  • Rain sensors.

By fully automated, I mean that this lawn mower literally mows your lawn by itself without you pushing or driving it. All you have to is simply put in the dimensions an boundaries of your lawn mower then sit back and relax as the lawn mower does all the hard work. You should also remember to frequently update the Landroid app so as to enable this lawn mower to cut the grass on your lawn efficiently and without any errors. Tight spaces are not a problem for this lawn mower as it operates on AIA (Application Integration Architecture) technology that allows it to navigate through any path that it comes across without getting stuck.

One really useful feature about this lawn mower is that you can actually set it to be working on a specific schedule each and every day on your lawn. Old school lawn mowers normally come with adjustable decks that you have to adjust manually. Well, this new generation lawn mower will back away every time it comes into contact with an obstacle on your lawn and continue working without any interruptions. This lawn mower doesn’t do well with rain therefore the moment it will sense rain, it will take itself back to its charger and wait till the rain stops pouring. It is also powered by WORX Power Share.


  • It comes with great technology.
  • Great navigation through tight spaces.
  • Updateable app.
  • Doesn’t make any error.


  • It doesn’t cut wet grass properly.


If you are a tech guy and would love a robotic lawn mower in your home, this is definitely your go to lawn mower. Its app is also very user- friendly which allows you to go through settings with a lot of ease.

Greenworks 25302 Lawn mower– Has a versatile battery system.

This is another lawn mower from the Greenworks brand and yes, it is also battery charged. However, it is not self- propelled so you just have to push it every time you are mowing your lawn.


  • 20 inch cutting deck.
  • 4Ah and 2Ah Lithium-ion batteries.
  • 40V electric mower.
  • Innovative Smart Cut technology.

The Greenworks 25302 Lawn mower is powered by a 40V electric mower that works efficiently even when you mow your lawn for a couple of hours. It is equipped with a battery switch system that changes the battery that has died and connects the charged battery automatically. For sure, this enables you to continuously cut grass on your lawn without any interruptions. The two batteries that charge this lawn mower is a 4Ah and a 2Ah lithium- ion batteries. Ease of use was also considered in the build design of this lawn mower as assembling it form the box is very easy and will only take you about 5-7 minutes and you will be good to go.

In addition to this, the Greenworks 25302 Lawn mower comes with a 20 inch cutting deck that consists of a twin blade system. These twin blades work simultaneously which enables you to get evenly cut grass on your lawn throughout. You can also adjust the height of this deck using a lever as it can go as low as 1.75 inches and as high as 3.38 inches. This allows you to manoeuvre through obstacles in your lawn with ease and also help the blades get a precise cut leaving your lawn with a levelled grass pattern. One of the features that actually makes this lawn mower stand out is the Innovative smart cut technology. It basically adjusts the power required to spin the blades of this cutting deck depending on the thickness of the grass which enhances long service life of these blades. The collecting bag also indicates when it is full and requires to be emptied.


  • It offers a precise cut.
  • Easy manoeuvrability.
  • It is quiet.
  • It has an efficient 40V motor.


  • It is not self-propelled.


The Greenworks G25302 lawn mower is a very efficient lawn mower that will be able to serve all your mowing needs on a ½ acre lawn. You should definitely have a look at it if you value a battery powered lawn mower that is efficient.

Ariens 915213 lawn mower – it is a zero- turn riding mower

This lawn mower is a zero- turn riding lawn mower and you know what that means, awesome manoeuvrability.  Unfortunately, it loses traction easily on very wet grass.


  • 18 inch backseat.
  • 19HP Kohler engine.
  • 42 inch cutting deck.
  • Deck wash- out port.

The Ariens 915213 lawn mower is equipped with a 19HP Kohler twin engine that operates efficiently even under heavy use when you go to mow your lawn. That’s more than enough power to take you around a ½ acre plot hence it enables you to cover your lawn much faster than push behind lawn mowers. A 42 inch cutting deck is also attached to this lawn mower. Its size allows you to cover a wider surface area within a shorter period of time which enables you to always finish you mowing duties quickly. This deck is also made up of steel which is a very strong material. For sure it is not easy for this lawn mower to get damaged as it is very durable and will guarantee you long service life. Therefore, replacement costs for parts will always be the least of your concerns. A deck wash- out port is also attached to this lawn mower which allows you to stick in your water hose and easily wash the underside of your lawn mower. In addition to this, you can adjust the height positions of this deck on the foot pedal with ease which allows you to manoeuvre through obstacles without any difficulties. This lawn mower is also equipped with an 18 inch tall seat with a back rest. It ensures that you have a comfortable ride even when you are mowing grass on a lawn that consists of a rough terrain.


  • It has great coverage.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • Very comfortable.
  • It is reliable.


  • It slides on wet grass.


This is among the best zero- turn mowers in this market and still offers you great comfort every time you drive it. Without a doubt, it has earned its spot in our top ten picks for lawn mowers for ½ an acre.

What to consider when buying a lawn mower for half acre.

Fuel type

We live in times where technology has advanced. Lawn mowers come with different power systems that enable them to operate efficiently. The first one is the old school gas powered lawn mowers. These lawn mowers are usually very powerful and are best suited for mowing small sized to large sized lawns depending on their engine capacity. The second type of mowers are the battery powered mowers. They are also very good for mowing lawns that measure ½ acre but you should be careful when choosing one. It is better if you opt for a cordless battery charged mower.

Size of the deck

This is also a very important aspect to consider before purchasing a lawn mower. The size of the cutting deck will determine the time you’ll take to mow your lawn as the smaller it is the less surface area it covers per one sweep. You should choose a lawn mower that has a medium sized deck for a half acre lawn as it will enable you to cut the grass on your lawn efficiently within a short time.


Without a doubt, it can be pretty expensive to maintain some lawn mowers especially if they keep on breaking down. You should ensure that you go for a lawn mower that is built with durable materials which enhance long service life. Riding lawn mowers also require more maintenance attention as compared to push behind lawn mowers but enable you to work faster. You will also probably spend on fuel costs that you won’t incur on battery powered lawn mowers. So either you opt for speed and comfort from the riding mowers or cheaper maintenance costs with the push behind lawn mowers.

Final thoughts

It is always my pleasure to compile the best lawn mowers for you in order to make your work easier. These 10 lawn mowers are the best the market has to offer and you will definitely smile your way to a lovely looking lawn if you grab any one of them. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself a new, efficient lawn mower for your half acre lawn back at home.

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