What is the Life Expectancy of Grasshopper Mowers

Can you imagine having a lawn mower that is neither reliable nor durable? Without doubt, this can be really frustrating especially when you have a lawn mower that requires you to replace its parts frequently.

It is always important to consider the durability of a lawn mower before you actually decide to buy a particular one. Well, the good news is that Grasshopper mowers are made of durable materials which enable them to serve you efficiently for a long time. For example, the cutting deck is re-in forced which prevents it from getting damaged easily even when it comes into contact with foreign objects. Aside from this, Grasshopper mowers are generally great all- round lawn mowers.

These lawn mowers have a lifespan of about 8 to 10 years if maintained properly. They come with a user manual which will guide you on how to maintain and service the lawn mower. Basically, how this works is pretty simple. If you service it at the correct intervals and use the right fuel, you are guaranteed long service life from this lawn mowers. However, if you don’t take the necessary steps recommended when maintaining this lawn mower, your mower might not serve you just as right.



Cleaning the cutting deck

This keeps the blades clean and free off grass clippings that build up in the deck.   

Changing motor oil

This allows the engine of the mower to run efficiently every time you use it.

Replacement of parts

Enables the mower to serve you effectively as it won’t have worn out parts.


Using the right fuel will allow the lawn mower to operate properly throughout.

What you should do to increase the life expectancy of Grasshopper lawn mowers


  • Fluid change

You are recommended to change both the motor oil and transmission fluids between 300 to 1000 hrs of use in order for the lawn mowers to operate efficiently. However, you should be very careful when changing the oil on these lawn mowers. This is because if you put less oil than the recommended amount, the internals will not be lubricated appropriately which causes damage to the engine. Using the right motor oil will also enable the lawn mower to operate efficiently every time you use it to cut grass on your lawn. 

  • Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your lawn mower not only leaves the mower looking new, but it also helps prolong the service life of certain parts such as the mowing deck. It is important to note that you should strive to maintain the cleanliness of the mowing deck as much as possible. By doing this, you will be able to remove any debris or grass clippings that are stuck on the blades of the mowing deck. Once you are done with the cleaning, the blades will guarantee you a precise cut throughout the time you are working on your lawn. For the inaccessible parts near the engine, use low pressure air to get rid of the small dust particles that have accumulated. Whereas for the exterior, use low pressure water and apply wax afterwards so that dirt does not stick on the mower. Always wait for the mower to completely dry before using it again. When you frequently clean your grasshopper mower, you will help prevent rust from forming on its parts. This in turn prolongs the service life of these mowers.

  • Replacing worn out parts

Just like any other machine, the parts of the mower are prone to wear and tear. It is highly advisable to use OEM replacement parts as recommended by the manufacturer in the user manual. This is because the parts of the mower have exclusively been made to work together simultaneously to offer you a great mowing experience. You are likely to encounter problems and unreliability if you use sub- standard parts which will in turn, reduce the service life of the lawn mower.

  • Fuelling

Constant use of impure diesel may actually clog the fuel injectors of your grasshopper lawn mower which leads to motor detonation and an improper air to fuel mixture. You should also avoid using old stored fuel in your mower because the fuel volatility degrades over time. In turn it may cause your engine not to run smoothly and cause further damage in the internals. If the gas has stayed in your mower for more than 30 days you better drain it and refill it with new gas. With clean diesel, your lawn mower engine will always operate smoothly throughout.


These grasshopper lawn mowers will definitely take care of you if you take care of them as well. They are actually made to provide you with great manoeuvrability when mowing your lawn and long lasting service life. However, this will only be possible if you maintain them as recommended by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a good look at the user manual and learn the appropriate ways to maintain these lawn mowers.   


Is it difficult to maintain grasshopper lawn mowers?

No it isn’t. The good news is that these lawn mowers usually come with a user manual that has all the information you need when it comes to maintenance.

What fuel type do grasshopper lawn mowers use?

These lawn mowers run on clean diesel and comply with EPA Tier 4 Final Emissions. This is also a clear indicator that the exhaust gases produced by the mowers are not harmful to the environment.

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